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September 2021

Which Carpet For Which Room? There may be those who are undecided about which carpet for which room. Actually, this is quite normal. Because when people choose according to their own tastes, they buy carpets by considering many issues. These topics include hand-woven or machine-made carpets.

How to Clean Carpet? Carpets are in the first place not only as a decoration complement, but also as the most important items of our house. Carpets offered to the service of users in many colors and patterns gain features according to the materials used in their production. Especially for families with small children and babies

How should carpet selection be? Although carpets are known as decoration products in homes, they are objects that benefit people in many ways. First of all, houses with carpets look more stylish. It is a fact that houses without carpets are more polluted and dusty. You have to clean the floors very often. Also carpets

The Importance of Carpet in Home Decoration Home decorations make your environment more beautiful and pleasant. Home design is not done only with furniture and armchairs. The issue of choosing the suitable carpet for them is also very important. Carpet in home decoration creates beautiful images and makes your environment more comfortable.

Carpet Stain Removal in 7 Steps Carpets are one of the most frequently contaminated items in the home. Especially unlike children who eat by sitting at the table, children who eat by walking around the house cause various food stains on the carpets. For this reason, housewives often use their knowledge of removing carpet stains.