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Carpets are one of the most frequently contaminated items in the home. Especially unlike children who eat by sitting at the table, children who eat by walking around the house cause various food stains on the carpets

 People who panic in the face of the stain and apply many methods that deform the carpet, unfortunately, cannot return their carpets to their former state. Especially natural ways of removing stains do not work on most carpets. Just as people are treated with medicine when they are sick, support from stain removers is needed in the carpet stain removal process. The stain remover solutions used can be dangerous for children and animals as well as being very effective. You should make sure that children and animals do not come near the solution used.

Carpet Stain Removal Step by Step

The first step for carpet stain removal is to clean the residue where the stain is located. If the residues are not cleaned, they will be buried deeper and cause the stain to come out more difficult or not at all. The second step is to dry the stained part. The thing to note here is that the stain should not be rubbed. When the stain is rubbed, only the area it covers will expand. In the third step, the solutions prepared for carpet stain removal should be poured over the stained area. In the fourth step, which is the next step, it should be ensured that the spilled solution remains on the carpet for the specified time. At this stage, care should be taken that there are no children or animals in the room. Solutions can be harmful as they are made by means of chemicals.

In the fifth step, the soaked solution must be dried. Just like in the second step, the carpet should never be rubbed in this step. When the sixth step is taken, the rinsing process is carried out as the stain will be almost removed, and in the seventh step, the last step, the carpet is completely cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner and the process is completed.

What to Do If Stain Doesn't Come Out After 7 Steps?

When the mentioned steps are applied, the carpet stain removal process is generally successful. However, in deep stains, the third step, pouring solution, can be repeated more than once. If the stain still remains after repetitions, it is likely that one of the steps was done incorrectly. Therefore, it is useful to check the steps. You can also get help from carpet cleaning companies that are experts in carpet cleaning.