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The quality of the carpet used in the bedroom, kitchen and other rooms of our homes, especially the living room, is of great importance for all of us.

When purchasing any item or furniture for our home and workplace, we take care to have some features in the items we buy. This is necessary for the pleasure of using the carefully and meticulously selected items, as well as for the comfort and longevity of the purchased items. In our carpets, which are named after the room we use, the quality element has an important place when buying carpets.

What Should We Consider When Choosing Carpets?

While shopping for carpets for our homes or workplaces, we need to make sure that the carpet we buy has some features. The first of these features is the quality of the carpet.

How to understand a quality carpet? The question is a subject that is researched by people who will buy carpets. The main elements that should be in a quality carpet are as follows;

The type of yarns used in the weaving of the carpet is very important for the quality of the carpet. The materials used in the production of carpets are named using wool yarn, cotton yarn and synthetic yarn.

The dye of the material used in the production of quality carpets is also very important. The quality of the carpets produced from yarns dyed using herbal dyes is indisputable. Carpets woven with yarns produced using synthetic dyes are naturally called second class quality.

Another way to understand whether the carpet is of good quality or not is the frequency of the knots used in the weaving of the carpet. The high number of knots per square meter in hand-woven or machine-woven carpets determines the quality of the carpet.

Another factor that determines the quality of the carpet is the pile height. The pile actually consists of the yarns remaining on the surface of the carpet while the carpet is woven. The pile height in the carpets is very important as it creates a factor against impacts. The quality of the carpets below the pile height determined by the Turkish Standards Institute is called second quality.

What are the Quality Carpet Types?

Antique carpets are the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to quality carpets. When it comes to antique carpets, hand-woven and ancient carpets come to mind. It is often very difficult to value the quality of the carpets woven in the weaving looms with great effort. Hand-woven carpets are also valuable because they are handcrafted. They are produced by weaving loop by loop and using different motifs. In machine carpets, those produced with silk thread are known as quality carpet.