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There may be those who are indecisive about which carpet for which room. Actually, this is quite normal. Because when people choose according to their own tastes, they buy carpets by considering many issues.

Among these subjects, the issue of whether the carpet is hand-woven or machine-made is in the first place. Afterwards, the size and use of the carpet became important for people. As a result, people prefer stain-proof and easy-to-clean carpets. The room they will use is also very important in carpet preferences. When it comes to carpet selection, rooms greatly influence the choices.

Carpet Selections for Living Room and Other Rooms

The most beautiful and most used areas of your homes are your living room and halls. You or your guests spend a lot of time in these rooms. Generally, large carpets can be preferred in large living rooms. Carpets of large and plain colors are generally preferred for which room and which carpet for the living room. Of course, attention should be paid to the furniture in the selection of colors. Light-colored carpets in dark furniture and dark-colored carpets in light-colored furniture make your halls more attractive.

It would be wise to choose a small size carpet for your children's room. If you think that the children's room furniture covers a lot of space, it would be right to measure this area when choosing a carpet. Your child's gender, age, likes or dislikes affect your choices. People do not experience much indecision in their bedrooms about which carpet for which room. Since that part only concerns the parents and there is little space left, small carpets or triple sets will be appropriate in this room.

Carpet Selections for Kitchen and Hall

The size of your kitchens is important when choosing a carpet. Some kitchens may be rectangular, while others may be square. For rectangular kitchens, runner-style carpets are preferred in the empty space. In a square kitchen, you can also choose round or pentagonal or hexagonal rugs. Patterned carpets in the kitchens will be more useful for which room and which carpet will not show dirt and stains.

Halls and corridors are areas that everyone often uses. Width and height dimensions are important for carpet selection in these areas. Patterned carpet can be preferred as it is used frequently. Dark colors cause these parts to be dark. When choosing which carpet for which room, you should choose by paying attention to the quality of the carpet, the characteristics of the threads used, their cleanliness and color.